A b o u t

Born in São Paulo and growing old in Vienna, I have been into photography for many years.

In the course of an entire life, this Medium came to be personal to me to the point that, due to the creative boundaries imposed by the nature of commercial subjects, my inability to comfortably conform to  seemingly meaningless aesthetics merely at some stranger´s pleasure, the low intellectual standards involved in ordinary sales and the solemnity required to close deals on the dreariest of assignments, I consider most of the commercial photography to be intolerable as a professional practice.

I know this might sound a bit confusing, since this webpage does not display photos of any other nature than that. The images here, though, are no more than samples of some of my technical abilities as a photographer. Unfortunately, it has been much more complicated to gather a body of work that resembles more subjective points of view of mine.

I will sporadically photograph friends, projects or essays that I consider significant, but mostly earn a living by editing video or photographs, assisting other photographers, offering color management consulting and by color-calibrating workflows on demand.

I am also into printing a few of my photographs. Some might be for sale in the near future, most will end up decorating my modest living room. It’s also worth mentioning that I might be available to work in a collaboration basis by supporting personal projects or worthy causes that hold limited resources – or none at all – to afford professional photography. Talk to me.

Thank you very much for taking the time,